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Potentiality Is The Driver Of Choice 

This life is nothing short of an awakening of sacred synchronicity.

sacredsynchronicityTo wander in this vision quest, hereafter we must embrace the quantum soup as a singularity.
Reality has always been buzzing with entities whose bodies are immersed in an existence only analogous to life.
A superficial life wherein vanity is the motivator, but awakening begets change.
Humankind has nothing to lose except its humanity itself.We are in the midst of an unlimited refining of stardust that will tap into the galaxy but we must assimilate into a singular species.
Throughout history humans have been interacting with the nexus with a peephole.
We must enlighten ourselves and unify others and expand that peephole into a 360º experience.
It is time to take divinity to the next level; a tangible level, from the power of our creations to empower ourselves.


The Future of Communication

The groundwork has been laid and the date has been set.

I imagine you, my predecessors, in a romantic light. My hopes of your god-like intelligence will grasp my concepts, having the knowledge of the greats before us to understand all principles. My hope and plan, though possibly futile, is that you may learn the knowledge I’ve given you and one day stand upon the shoulders of the giants I’ve leapt from.

But that is far down the road, my friends. The message must begin simplistic. Very simplistic, with just one word;connectivity.

Welcome To Hive

Coming 5.10.2015


HIVE (Human Interface for Virtual Evolution) is a virtual device projected directly from your mind.