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The Future of Hive

I would like to thank everyone who read the first installment of Hive. I am, however, retiring the first prints of the book and reworking it into one full novel, with easier paths toward the hidden videos, augmented reality and real-world applications that were embedded within, or perhaps I may do away with all of the bells and whistles and just simply write the story I’ve envisioned.  I do consider my first book a relative success, as well as a learning tool, and I want to rework it to be a complete story.

If you have the first edition, please note that the QR codes and augmented reality have been disabled.

Please keep this project in mind for the future, however completion is still a long way down the road.

Thank you,

Daniel Dw


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Sneak Peak: hive | volume II cover art

hive volume II - camellia

Volume II in the Hive series; Camellia. Available in 2016.

For Hive Volume I “Propolis” click here

Geekadelphia: “hive | Propolis” — Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Novel That Combines Interactive Real-World Gaming

By  from Geekadelphia on May 11, 2015 | 16 Commentsbe-a-busy-bee

Feel like print science fiction could use a kick in the pants to propel it into modernity? Local author Daniel D.W. may have just published the novel you’re looking for.

Newly released in both ebook and print editions, hive | Propolis  tells the story of Samantha Plessis, first as a young girl who watches the world change around her, all the way to fifty years old, as she is pulled into a growing societal rift and decides to fight in a resistance army.

But that’s only a hint of the central narrative. As hive | Propolis‘ preorder page explains,

The first book of it’s kind, hive | Propolis includes a new and unique twist with dynamic scannable QR codes embedded within the book itself. This provides story-enhancing soundtrack, video and animation, and interactive story clues that invite a reader to take part in a real-world transmedia rabbit hole.

Also, be sure to note the differences between the ebook and printed formats, as only the paperback edition will link to future interactive materials.

But that’s not all. Hive bills itself as a whole narrative ecosystem, comprising novels, user-generated fiction, films, and an interactive alternate reality game that will be revealed through these various texts. You should really just check out Hive’s central hub to read descriptions, see the trailer, look at images, and read up on the call for writers!

If you’re looking for 21st century science fiction that escapes the page itself, this is it. Be excited.

It can be purchase via Amazon.

For more information head to www.hivetech.media

HIVE VOLUME ONE available now

11hive | Propolis is now available at the following locations:
Hive store | Amazon | CreateSpace | Kindle | Goodreads | Barnes & Noble

Order from CreateSpace and send a copy of your purchase order to
hivetechmedia@gmail.com to get the Hive Soundtrack free.

  • Ebook (Kindle) Version
  • $499
  • Propolis Part I 
  • Propolis Parts II-VI
  • In-Story QR Code enhancements
  • Cover Art
  • Future Interactive Materials
  • Paperback Version
  • $999
  • Propolis Part I
  • Propolis Parts II-VI
  • In-Story QR Code enhancements
  • Cover Art
  • Future Interactive Materials

This is the first volume in the Hive series and the first part of a transmedia series that will immerse you in an interactive real-world story, if you choose to follow.

This is not just a book. Besides it’s richly-developed characters and constructed narrative, it is an ever-changing, evolving medium. Through scannable QR codes and various decipherable clues within the book itself, you will be able to interact with its story enhancing materials. Musical soundtracks, detailed art images, videos and geological clues can be changed and given to you at various times throughout the transmedia storyline that begins September 29th, 2015. Some of these will be announced by characters in the book from their social media profiles, that you will need to go find and follow.

What’s at the end? That’s something you’ll need to find out, but be prepared that it isn’t going to be quick or easy.