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sixbookseries_00899Hive | short synopsis:

In 2023, people connect to a new social technology that projects an augmented device directly from their minds. Millions connect to H.I.V.E. (Human Interface for Virtual Evolution) and become a part of a new collective consciousness while others adapt to a primitive lifestyle on the barren outskirts of civilized Hive cities. Conflict is inevitable between Hive and The Disconnected, but the reality behind Hive may be even stranger than anyone realized.

These books have multiple decipher-able encoding through various methods.

Perhaps the first book of its kind, “hive | Propolis,” includes a new and unique twist with dynamic scannable QR codes embedded within the book itself. This provides story-enhancing soundtrack, video and animation, and interactive story clues that invite a reader to take part in a real-world transmedia rabbit hole.

This transmedia twist creates an ever-changing and evolving medium, sending you clues to real-world places and events announced through social media accounts that the reader must discover from the story itself.

11Hive | Propolis

Propolis is the main narrative for the Hive story and follows its main protagonist, Samantha Plessis from age nine to fifty, who witnesses the extreme changes in her family, friends and the entire world. Story subplots include the HiveTech Corporation’s owners, and Hivers developing new and sometimes illegal ways to manipulate their devices to benefit their lives. Samantha is eventually forced to live in the outskirts of the Hive city of Philadelphia in an abandoned areas in New Jersey that become a destination for other Disconnected. Her influence grows in her community as she gets older and becomes a major part of a resistance army. Along with her lifelong friend Emerson, Samantha discovers new secrets about HiveTech and the future that may be in store for them.

hive | Propolis is volume one of a six-part series written by Daniel Dw.

  • Kindle
  • $499
  • Volume I: Propolis 
  • Hive Volumes II-VI plus Anthology
  • In-Story QR Code enhancements
  • Cover Art
  • Future Interactive Materials
  • Downloadable soundtrack
  • Paperback Version
  • $999
  • Volume I: Propolis
  • Hive Volumes II-VI plus Anthology
  • In-Story QR Code enhancements
  • Cover Art
  • Future Interactive Materials
  • Downloadable soundtrack



hive volume II - camelliaComing soon: Hive | Camellia

Camellia continues the main narrative following its protagonist as she journeys deeper into a changing world.
Available in 2016.



anthology coverComing soon: Hive | Anthology

The anthology series is a compilation of short stories from Daniel Dw and guest writers.
For bios on contributing authors, click here.

The anthologies will also includes the novellas for the previous year, with additional stories with new characters and events as well as full page illustrations by guest artists.

For bios on contributing artists, click here.

Hive | Online Series

Free short stories online will be available on various affiliate blogs.

1. Dr. Lewis Dean Parker’s blog