What is HIVE?

HIVE (Human Interface for Virtual Evolution) is a virtual device projected directly from your mind.

HIVE changes the way we interact with technology.

hive virtual displayYou can connect with all modern external devices with an augmented display at your fingertips and it will consolidate all of your devices into one. You can store your music and movies, browse the internet, even have hands-free driving assistance in your car. At any time you wish, you can open your digital display and have a fully-functioning computer floating before your eyes. While it is only visible to you and those whom you establish an open connection with, your HIVE can connect to the HiveTech network just like any previous network device. You can easily capture moments with your camera, write novels or paint a masterpiece just by your imagination alone. Then with just a touch of the screen (or hands-free if you prefer) upload it in an instant to share with your colony.

Enter a room and adjust the lights or temperature without ever hitting a switch, create extensive budgets and inventory lists for your business that you can refer to at any instant, play incredible 3-dimensional augmented games with your friends – all through a virtual window into a dimension of tangible imagination – this is the future of the world with HIVE.


futureofcommunicationHIVE changes the way we interact with other people.

HIVE gives you the ability to communicate with another person without speaking or typing. It is a virtually a telepathic pathway between users that enables you to share your thoughts and even emotions on a level that humans have never been able to do before.

Is your memory a mess? Do you have trouble organizing your thoughts? HIVE is the perfect tool to keep everything about your life neatly compartmentalized and provides you a map into your own mind. HIVE can even record your dreams into shareable media if you wish it to.

Have you ever wished that your spouse could just understand what you’re feeling? Now in an instant he or she can. Does a work project make complete sense to you in concept but you are terrible at explaining your thoughts to your boss? With HIVE, your ability to verbalize concisely with others no longer matters. You can almost quite literally grant someone a direct window to a thought or idea in your mind.


are you a busy beeHIVE changes the way we interact with the world.

City infrastructures, traffic, medical and health institutions, government, marketing techniques and even judicial systems will all flow through the HIVE network, allowing them to be instantly adapted to the individual’s or the local community’s needs. Each city’s mesh network within a thirty to sixty mile radius will run on a collective consciousness built from the citizens in proximity, and ten-miles radius’ for the piggy-back networks for smaller towns. This provides every individual with an equal voice that is collected into the city’s HIVE servers and sorted among all to produce the best desired solutions that will result in the most civil, fair, efficient and successful societies ever created.

These HIVE cities will become utopias for those who live in them, and each HIVE user can rely on their device to find them employment if they so need it. HIVE will find solutions for almost any problem you might face on the fly, providing you with options and solutions to benefit your existence.

HIVE will allow you to remain stress-free, relaxed and even happy every day for the rest of your life.

HiveTech Tower & HiveTech Innovation Center in Philadelphia, PAHIVE will change our future.

Hive is systematically designed to improve our existence and our technology in the world, making it so we are sustainable as a species and improving the environment for the future of the human race. At the HiveTech Tower and HiveTech Innovation & Technology Center both located in downtown Philadelphia, PA, is a giant team of supremely talented neuro-engineers, software engineers, biochemists and other scientists working to improve the world and our individual lives.

With HIVE, the human race will solve incredible challenges that have faced our current and future generations. HIVE will give us solutions for our many environmental and societal issues, enable us to improve healthcare and education by leaps and bounds, and even balance our financial budgets. War could very well be a thing of the past in a future that we can design through HIVE. Mental health can be quickly diagnosed and even treated in a users brain by the program itself, and one day HIVE will extend life expectancy with various courses of action, including recording, storing and imprinting your consciousness into hosts that will enable you to become immortal.

HIVE is our future, that will begin on September 29th, 2025.

hive | Propolis
is volume one of a six-part series written by Daniel Dw.

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